After an almost two-year hiatus…

We’re baaaaack! You know you missed me. So, what has happened since September 2009? I had a baby girl in January 2010, moved to the East Bay (though I’m not getting rid of that Golden Gate Bridge picture on the blog) in May, and got a new job as a copywriter in August. So you might say it’s been a busy few years – but definitely not an excuse to not write here!

To be perfectly frank, I sometimes get freaked out by people’s blog posts. It just seems to be so much information – so much personal information – just hanging out there…ready for anyone to read. Granted that’s the whole point, and I can even be OK with putting stuff about myself on the blogosphere. But writing about a newborn (well, a toddler now)?

I’m not so sure about that.

What if she resents me for the play-by-play of her life? End up hating the fact that her personal accomplishments were laid bare for the whole world to see? Who knows how her generation will feel about all this social media – goodness, blogs will be sooooooo 2011 when she’s in college (hopefully) in 2030 (eek!).

Just to be on the safe side, I’ll try to keep her out of it as much as I possibly can. So no pictures of her on the potty or in the tub, no videos of her throwing food on the ground, and no mentions of her name. She’ll be known simply as P, and we’ll see how much we can keep this blog about me (me me me me me), and sometimes about food. Maybe baby food.

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