Tonno e cipolla


Disclaimer: these pizza toppings are NOT fruit of a pregnant woman’s cravings.

I love pizza. I make it (yes, the dough, too) once a week. I have to, so I can keep happy a picky Italian husband who from one day to the next decided he doesn’t like American pizza.

This combination of pizza toppings – tuna and onion – is one of A’s favorites, and found everywhere in northern Italy where he’s from. When we moved to Rome, it was a different story: he didn’t see it on the menu once, asked the waiter if he’d make one for him anyway, the waiter looked like him like he was a martian, then he came back with a pizza with tuna on it and three tiny pieces of onion. Oh no: the thing has to be LOADED with onion (note: the picture was taken before the pizza went into the oven).

Anyway, try it at home! Tell people it’s the Italian version of tuna melt. That line always seems to work.

3 thoughts on “Tonno e cipolla

  1. More recipes please!!! My poor daughter is deprived. When she’s hungry she wants to eat immediately so I only end up having time to “make” yogurt, cottage cheese, string cheese, cereal, and/or microwave something we cooked earlier. What quick, easy, and nutritious meals can I make for my toddler, Ms Baby Ghetto Gourmet?

    — From your pathetic friend who can barely make a grilled cheese sandwich

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