M is a copywriter in the Bay Area. In addition to writing riveting copy, she loves old buildings and cooking, although not necessarily in that order.  She and her husband became first time parents in January 2010, when their extremely energetic daughter, P, was born. The name of the blog was inspired by the fact that M and A are raising their P in the U.S., although neither was born here. “Third-culture” is a term used for kids who grow up in a foreign country, and don’t feel a sense of belonging to their passport country. She can be reached at thirdcultureblog@gmail.com and tweets @3rdcultureblog. She tries to sprinkle “third culture” and “blog” on everything.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I like your writing a lot, but it’s very difficult to read small white type swallowed up by large black backgrounds. As a vision specialist, I can tell you that light on dark works well for signs, but not at all for text! But I liked your writing so much, that I struggled through it.

    • Hi Sharon!

      Thanks for your input. You are so sweet, and so right about the white on black. I had actually been thinking of changing the theme, and I just did! Except my lovely pic of the Golden Gate didn’t transfer over, and now I have to use their default one until I find it in my files! Thanks for reading!


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