Dinner Worthy of a 1950s Housewife

Yesterday I was inspired to cook…you know, one of those days that make you want to try a new recipe, knowing that the same old pasta dish won’t fit the bill. I had some steak tips defrosting but didn’t feel like eating Thai beef salad (where the said steak tips generally end up). Looking online for a good beef recipe, I saw this one for Beef Stroganoff and started craving it right away! I made a few changes to the recipe (used marsala instead of sherry because that’s all I had, seared beef before cooking the onions and mushrooms to give the veggies a meatier taste) and it came out really well.

I was telling my sister about my exciting dinner plans, and her reaction was “how old are you?” Apparently, beef stroganoff is somewhat of a throwback to Midwest, old lady dinner. So I ran with it and made tapioca for dessert! Mmmm…tapioca…sexed up a bit with coconut and cocoa…mmmm…A. and E. weren’t complaining, and all I needed was a hoop skirt to make it a picture perfect evening.

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