American Chinatown

Last night, A. and I went to a book reading given by a friend’s friend, who just published a book on American Chinatowns. Her presentation was really interesting, exploring the meaning of growing up Chinese in having a place like a Chinatown where her family “went to be Chinese.” And I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but it made me think of our baby girl, being born into three societies at once. I’ll explain: I’m Iranian, A’s Italian, we live in the U.S.

The way I’d figured it, the baby would grow up learning Italian (an aside: as my sister pointed out, Italian daycares are all the rage in NorCal! Who knew??) and English, with my parents speaking to her in Farsi. She’ll be a confused little tyke! Will she go wandering in Little Italies around the country trying to find her identity? Or hang out in Iranian stores on Wilshire?

What’s important is that she’ll never have to stand in line at the INS or its Italian equivalent in order to live in the U.S. or Europe. But if she turns out like me or her dad, she’ll probably marry someone from South America, Asia, or Africa, just so she won’t miss out on the whole immigrant experience!



Today was the first day that I felt extensive kicking and movement…we might have a little gymnast on our hands! Apparently, I will be feeling the movement intermittently for a few weeks, at which point the movement will start to be constant. Can’t wait!

Cooking Class


So last night, for my friend E’s birthday, we went to a cooking class. It was great fun! The teacher’s apartment is beautiful and she has a great setup. We made what was called the “Light Asian Menu” (or something similar) with Vietnamese spring rolls, peanut noodles, salmon and Shitake mushrooms with a sake-based glaze, and a lemongrass-mint sorbet. It was all quite yummy and it was interesting to see someone explain food to a group of people. And the entire time I kept thinking…I want this woman’s job!

One of the girls I was talking to told me that she isn’t too crazy about cooking because her mother was so stressful and precise in the kitchen that the whole experience became a chore. I already feel bad for our little tyke…the girl’s not going to enjoy cooking much, is she?

Hello world!

“Hello world” is right! This is my first attempt at blogging…we’ll see how it pans out. It was mostly inspired by my friend, Stef, whose blog on the adventures of motherhood have been great at updating the people in her life who live far away. I’m not sure how good I’ll be at this whole blogging business – I do remember having a number of diaries when I was younger and never keeping up with any of them.

What will I write about? Probably about cooking, cool buildings, and oh yeah, the tyke who will join us in the world around Christmas.

So first: baby news. It’s a girl! Very exciting. The name is top secret (somehow A. and I picked out names within an hour of finding that I was pregnant and have stuck with them). I felt her move for the first time last week, which was quite exciting.

Cooking news: I’m taking a cooking class for a friend’s birthday party! Great idea, E.  I’ll tell you how it works out (we’ll be cooking Vietnamese things).

Cool buildings: this one will have to wait!